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This is a community dedicated to SLASH which means boy on boy touching, groping, smooching, licking and *fingers crossed* lots of sex involving cocks in bums. If this squicks you out, doesn't meet your approval or you're a homophobe please leave because clearly this is not the place for you.

This site contains ADULT themes and content.

Now that we've got all that tishtosh taken care of...


This is a place to drool, squee and/or pant over the hotness that is Orlando Bloom and Jake Gyllenhaal. All people are welcome to join and enjoy the pretteh.

I only ask that you adhere to these simple rules:

1. NO FLAMES...if your hobby is pitchin' the flameballs at people then you have no life and we don't want to be bored by you here, plus we'll laugh at you.

2. PLEASE PUT ALL GIGANTOR PICS/BANNERS/ETC. BEHIND A CUT (smaller pics and banners that don't mess with people's flists are just fine)

3. Please put all spoilerish things behind a cut with a warning as well. Thankee!

Please Read Before Posting!

***When posting please include a tag for your entry***

~If it's a fic the tag should be the title of the fic AND your username so it's easy for readers to find it and all its chapters in the sidebar.

~If it's something other than a fic use your best judgment and include whatever tag you'd like. Ex: picspam, magazine article, gossip, orlando caught giving jake head in the men's toilet you know, whatever :)

Examples of tags:

author: giselleslash
fic: the bloomenhaal sex diaries

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