May. 25th, 2009

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] fictionbylouby! I hope you and your sister get spoiled rotten *g*

Title: First Period P.E., What the Hell? 1/5
Author: [ profile] giselleslash
Pairing: Orlando/Jake Gyllenhaal, with some Billy Boyd thrown in.
Summary: Orlando is stuck in a life where he really hadn’t expected to find himself. One day he runs into an old friend and things change, to say the least.
Warnings: Excessive hysterical shouting on the London Underground. Extreme cases of verbal diarrhea. An Orlando with a very troubling inner monologue. And outer monologue. Brits and Scots speaking like Americans. Time travel without the aid of Doc Brown, Marty McFly or a DeLorean. A Billy oddly obsessed with eating biscuits. A Mrs. Bloom oddly obsessed with the idea that Billy must have worms. And a sickeningly adorable Gyllenhaal. Oh, and also an entirely improbable plot. Yep. I think that about covers it.

A/N: This is based on the idea behind the movie 17 Again, the whole going back to high school thing. Although, I didn’t see the movie so any similarities between the two are complete and total coincidence. I just thought the idea would make a cute Bloomenhaal.

First Period PE, What the Hell? - Part One


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