Aug. 29th, 2006

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Title: The Perfect Husband
Author: Missy ([ profile] tellingasecret)
Pairing: Orlando/Jake
Rating: G
Warnings: Extremely fluffy!
Feedback: Is always welcome!
Summary: Orlando finds himself in trouble when he's lost something important.
Disclaimer: The guys belong to themselves, not me. Everything is made up and no profit is being made. I'm not making any assumptions about any of the guys or their sexual orietation.
Notes: This is based on an actual event that just happened in my family and I found it too funny not to recreate with these two. Enjoy!

The Perfect Husband
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Title: Take My Picture
Author: Giselle
Pairing: Bloomenhaal
Summary: Jake is a photographer, Orlando is his assistant…they’re both crazy about each other but are dumb boys about it. Somewhat inspired by Two Weeks Notice what with the whole “I work with you and you drive me crazy but I love you” bit.
Disclaimer: The slash is alive with the sound of my lying. Do re mi fa sol la ti do…
Feedback: Is better than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…and boys being slashed, or uh, girls in blue satin sashes…whatever.

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Banner by the beautiful [ profile] titheniel…come on, pet and stroke the pretty *purrrrs*

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